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Hatha Yoga Teacher - Yoga for everybody

Welcome lovely people - thank you for visiting my website.


Everything you find here is intended to help you bring you home to you - all that I offer is a helping hand, an invitation and guide back to you.


My name is Gemma and I teach Yoga Hatha and flow in Northampton and surrounding areas - Yoga changed my life, because I discovered that movement is medicine and the hardest part of Yoga is getting on your mat - once you have moved your body in a kind way you never regret it!


I understand life is busy - I have 3 children but this is the exact reason to practice, I always feel better after being present with my body, connecting to my breath and calming my mind. Creating this time for you will better equip you to deal with the stress of busy life


I found Yoga in my mid 20s after having my first child - I felt like a bit of stranger in my own body and it reconnected me to well me - I am passionate about my offerings because it worked for me and it can for you.


Yoga is more than just the shapes we make with our body its a way to live, embodying time tested practices to support self enquiry and deeper understanding of yourself to support you evolve and grow.


Group Yoga classes, One to one yoga classes, Corporate classes, Thai Massage are some of my offerings




One to One Yoga

Would you like a Yoga sequence designed just for you, with your body, mind and soul as a priority? Do you feel intimidated by a group setting? One to One yoga maybe what you need, a way to grow your practice with all my attention, hands on adjusts to assist you with alignment and guide you in a sweet meditation to drop into peacefulness. 

£35 per hour - Click the link to book and I will be in touch to arrange



Thai Massage

A Thai Yoga Massage stimulates pressure points to open the body's energy pathways and allows the body to heal. It's a more active type of massage with different yoga poses which allow for a deeper stretch. This technique differs from a traditional massage but has many benefits to help heal your body.

£45 for 1 hour - Click the link to book a slot or email me for a time that works for you



Group Classes

Come and join one of my group in person classes - where we move our bodies, we take time to drop into the body, taking moments to go inwards but also its about connection we have fun and laugh - to move your body, is to play its not all serious!

Click the link to view my schedule and pick a class that works for your timetable




Click on my booking site to see what we have planned from family yoga getting the kids involved, garden yoga or half day retreats


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Hatha  Yoga teacher

Clare Oxlade

“Thank you, I am genuiely loving the yoga sessions. I have never done yoga before and was not sure it would be right for me as I have a damaged hip but, its has honestly changed my life and you teach so beautifully; the sessions are fun and friendly (I love that you bring humout too)"


"I loved your class - it was fun, I usually stuggle to stay present but in your class it was the complete opposite."

Lisa Drive

“Simple Amazing as always, Gemma is lovely and explains all the poses but also allows people that are not beginners to go deeper into certain poses and to move up a level.
Best Yoga class Ive been to!”
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