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A New Year

January is long and dark, everything is scarce and lacking, money, warmth, sunlight, new life, social events, community and if we to focus on those things it would be easy to get lost in the feeling of gloom but its ok to notice these things but not become consumed by them - instead look for what January has to offer - A new start, my birthday, cosines, lack of social events (haha).

I love January - I love the opportunity to start again, wipe the slate clean and start over, make plans, pull out the calendar get planning, hibernate and have early nights with no pressure to be fun… feel rejuvenated to add more nutrients to my diet, give up alcohol, move my body and sleep really deeply sleep.

This post comes at the start of February because I was slowly starting my year, setting my intentions, there is no rush to have it all sussed out in January but just to make a start - for the last few years all Iv wanted for my birthday is to see the sea, walk for miles fully immersed in nature, and silence god how wonderful is it - I am finding I love silence, I think my new found love of silence is because I rarely have it due to my fabulously frantic 3 children. Creating moments or days where you feel at peace.

We all have our seasons, and I am sure as the light comes in I will be ready to step out but I love January for the internal check in it provides. I think it is a January energy I most enjoy, quiet, cosy, optimistically planning, exciting, self love, peace.

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