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Self Care

Self care what does this mean to you? Its a term that is banded around a lot at the moment, the wellness industry is vast and growing with no sign of slowing in speed, maybe our interest is balanced out by the demand society takes on our health, the requirement for peace and stillness is there to counteract the busy schedules, packed calendars and noisy social media we consume on a daily basis.

Self care will be different for everybody and our bodies have been finding ways to soothe since we were babies, some of these coping mechanisms may even cause us more harm in adulthood but the strategies that we have gathered over the years are deep rooted and having survived up until now they have worked, we found ways to stay safe with the tools and knowledge we had.

We can cling to the picture of the person we think we are even if it causing pain eg people pleasing, super busy etc but to surrender - pranidhana and observe how you feel, let go of the attachment - upadana, be open to the flow of the universe! I know that sounds woo woo but it works, if you relax everything will feel easier - don’t swim against the tide.

Self care for me can be discipline - keeping promises to myself, I would not let someone I loved down so I do not want to let myself down, holding myself up with a high regard, but also knowing and allowing moments of rest, silence and gentleness - it really is about getting to know yourself in the quiet moments of life not who you are for other people but what really makes you feel good.

Life is messy and I cannot control the chaos my house is often noisier than is comfortable, I am sensitive to noise and it can trigger me - Now I am not saying that I am able to do this all the time but what helps when I remember and when I am rested, is to recognise how I feel in that moment of stress acknowledge it, take a deep breath and slow it all down because if I don’t I also become the chaos, I add to it.

So find some quiet to get to know what makes you feel more centred, more you. There are so many ways we can be kind to ourselves to fill our cup so we have energy to give without resentment.

Come and join me in class for stillness, movement and connection all of those lovely things that bring you home to yourself.

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