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Fear and Authenticity

When I first qualified as a yoga teacher - I had an over riding sense of not being enough, not knowing enough feeling out of my depth, who was I to offer advise and guide someone through this ancient tradition, but I focused on offering the knowledge I had acquired through teacher training and practiced my delivery, I practiced teaching and the only way to get better at it is by doing it - so for that first year a lot of my focus was on just that, my delivery, getting use to talking to a room full of people and if I am honest I still get nervous but it is getting easier.

After qualifying my over riding feeling was there is so much I do not know - its funny isn’t it with life the more you learn the less you realise you know, but there is a difference in me now I feel invigorated to learn, yoga philosophy, anatomy, all about the body, energies, astrology the list goes on and on for me, I am going to spend the rest of my life learning… how exciting!

So at first I let fear be the dominant emotion and it got in the way, that feeling of imposter syndrome thinking at any moment I will be sussed, someone will stand up and announce who is this freud and who does she think she is to guide a class but I will give myself credit, because as much as that voice was loud I carried on showing up and putting myself at the front of the class and you know what the voice doesn’t shout at me as loud anymore, and as the voice became softer my love for yoga and wellbeing was able to shine through. The fear shrunk which made way for the authenticity.

The more I enjoyed, relaxed and gave myself fully to each class the more positive feedback I would receive! I remember in my teacher training, one of my teachers saying “you are in the energy game now” it made me giggle but its so true. We all have an energy field and those vibrations are felt - the universe is so expansive and we can feel small and insignificant but by loving yourself, changing your vibrations I promise that has a ripple effect - we are energy magnets and what we put out the universe delivers back.

I love teaching yoga, I love holding a space for you to connect with yourself - yoga helped me become more me, my true authentic self, which is many many things, that journey hasn’t finished, there is so much to learn so many more layers to peel back.

I teach and deliver from my heart. We ebb and flow with the energy in class on that day from stillness to play, deep reflection to laughter - no one class is exactly the same but I promise you will leave feeling better and little bit more you.

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