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Its huge but this is my little musings on it right now. It might seem bit heavy - lighter blogs will happen.

I am a spiritual being, I believe that things do not just happen, I do not believe that we are all plodding along in our own worlds and what I do in my life will not effect your life - I believe we are all connected and my energy and light has the power to change a lot, you may be thinking jeeese she thinks a lot of herself but we all have this power and collectively if we used it, it could do amazing things, isn't that a wonderful thought and its what the world needs more light and love

its a hard topic to put into words because its an otherness and words and sentences simple wrap limitations around it, its something to be felt - but here are some words that I think hold the essence of spirituality, higher power, energy, god or what ever you want to call it.

  • Awe

  • Art

  • Music

  • Movement

  • Children

  • Animals

  • Nature

  • Wonder

  • Connection

  • Stillness

  • Faith

  • Prayer

  • Humor

  • Love

  • Discipline

  • Curiosity

  • Gratitude

Above are some words where I find connection to something else, ultimately when I experience any of the above I am finding a deep connection within.

When I was little I was around grandparents a lot and my grandmother had a deep faith, I knew she was a spiritual person full of faith and magic even though I never saw her go to church, I would witness her in prayer, reading me prayers, blessing me and everything around her, she knew the power was within her, she would reference God a lot but she also visited the spiritualist church near where we lived occasionally, and was open to most ideas and her beliefs were never rigid aways flowing with a divine energy. We spoke about reincarnation, and healing and feelings of presence from the beyond. Maybe these conversations early in my life shaped me I am a continuation.

If you are open to the signs from the universe they are everywhere and they may just feel like a coincidence and sometimes we are too busy and distracted - being spiritual is finding meaning in things how ever that may happen.

Although death is painful it really does wake us up to life, things come into clarity the pain is sharp but so is the love - An example of a higher power experience that I can explain is when my first Dog Buster died the pain felt sharp and I was quite hung up on the fact I never got to say goodbye, we went to Cornwall not long after him dying and I took a long walk on the beach alone with thoughts of him - I sat down to gazed at the sea and a Collie dog bounded towards me and hugged me and I felt Busters presence and that was his goodbye - I cant explain it any further and it may make no sense to you but for me I found meaning in that moment - it felt like something more.

I love living an intentional life, finding the magic and meaning of things! I want to be an example for my children like my Nanny was for me - I want them to witness me in Prayer/meditation connecting with my own power - feeling the awe and wonder that this life has to offer. I know my Nanny’s life wasn't easy and she would often say that it was her faith that pulled her through - so this gift of believing in more isn't just for the good times, it will hold you up when the ground feels unsteady too. It feels like its a huge topic and can be dissected, I love reading about it all - but for me its feeling present in the moment and noticing the magic in the simple, by getting quiet and going inwards with prayer or meditation, its in the faces of my children, its letting my pooch Ella off her lead, its the sea, seeing my husband play with our children, its being creative, its moving my body and when I am totally absorbed in any of these things and more, I am connected to the whole universe and I merge and expand.

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